POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics was founded in 1986. Today, the company is a European
market leader regarding implant advancement and manufacturing.

They are a mid-range company situated in central Germany. Due to their vision and innovative spirit, Polytech Health & Aesthetics has accomplished a constant growth combined with superior quality.

It is because they manufacture their products in Germany, cooperate with surgeons, and have their own department of Research & Development, that they are flexible enough to optimize the quality of productions at unparalleled speed. 

Today, Polytech Health & Aesthetics collaborates intensively with distributors throughout the world and offer one of the widest product ranges for reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery worldwide.

Their portfolio of superior medical devices includes more than 1,500 variations of breast implants for women, soft-tissue implants for men as well as calf and gluteus implants. This range is complemented by custom-made implants, tissue expanders, compression bras, scar-therapy products, and instruments for liposuction and pigmentation.

More than 170 employees in the units of development, manufacturing, quality control, and sales ensure that Polytech Health & Aesthetics remain your number one regarding implant quality and safety made in Germany.