With 30 years of experience and regulatory offices in the United States, a European distribution center in Belgium and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Costa Rica, Establishment Labs is the next generation breast implant producer with regulatory approvals worldwide.

The company is creating the most advanced levels of safety for women seeking to improve their appearance through Motiva’s proprietary technologies and higher quality standards.

A Global Aesthetic Company

According to the prestigious Boyd Report, the central valley of Costa Rica, where Establishment Labs manufacturing unit is located, has become the success story of the technology and life industry with “more than 50 medical devices companies operating there, including Baxter, St. Jude Medical, Hologic, Arthrocare, Allergan, Boston Scientific, Hospira, De Royal, Establishment Labs, Abbott Vascular and others.’’(1,2)  Our state of the art manufacturing process has eliminated the use of water and other materials like salt and sugar, that significantly reduces our environmental impact.

Environmental Responsibility

Establishment Labs is fully committed to preserving the beauty of our planet. It operates complying with strict environmental laws, standards and regulations in terms of the emissions to the environment, wastewater treatment and solid waste treatment that the company generates.

Additionally, the company carries out its own environmental protection initiatives:

  • “Green” package constructed with recyclable components and printed with vegetable based inks.

  • Full cycle chemical recovery process.

  • Waterless manufacturing process.

  • Salt-free texturing process.

  • Partnership with the “Magic Trees” Foundation for preservation of specific Costa Rican Forests.

Ethical Charter

At Establishment Labs all employees, from Operating Workers to Senior Management, sign and respect an Ethical Charter that reflects our commitment to the highest standards of corporate behavior.

For surgeons and patients, this means: “Our entire company is committed to providing customers with only the finest quality implantable devices, coupled with the highest safety profile.”

Establishment Labs was the first breast implant manufacturer to make public all the results of its product validations, performed by third party laboratories certified by the FDA and CE.

  • Ethical and transparent corporate code of conduct.

  • 100% scrutiny of implantable devices.

  • Highest safety profile.