The Top 5 Tourist Hotspots in South Beach


Now that summer has almost arrived, the anticipation is starting to really ramp up for the 2018 ISAPS Congress being held in Miami Beach. In just a few short months, the finest Global Aesthetic Meeting in the world, with the finest ISAPS plastic surgeons in the world, will be in Miami Beach for an incredible networking and learning opportunity. But there are other reasons to come to the Congress this year, in addition to the ISAPS events. South Beach, Miami is world-famous, drawing folks from around the globe with its stunning beaches, incredible nightlife, and major tourist hotspots! Here are some of the hotspots that you might want to check out while you are in town for the Congress!

#5 – Lincoln Road Mall

Every great city should offer great shopping opportunities, and South Beach is no exception. The difference is that, here, the entire mall is outside!

The Lincoln Road Mall is a pedestrian-only area where you can indulge in some retail therapy while enjoying the great outdoors. Here, you will find some of the world’s biggest chains, as well as some smaller, but very high-end, shops that will offer the latest fashions.

If a mall isn’t quite your style, you can also check out the Lincoln Road Farmers’ Market on Sunday for some local charm, as well as some absolutely delicious locally grown food.

#4 – Miami Children’s Museum

If you are taking your children with you to the Congress, then a visit to the Miami Children’s Museum should be on your list of not-to-miss tourist attractions.

The Miami Children’s Museum is a 50,000-square-foot monument celebrating children and imagination. Offering dozens of exhibits (like the Construction Zone, where kids can learn how buildings are constructed, or the Music Maker and All About Art Studios, where they can explore their artistic side), your kids will never want to leave!

#3 – Basement Miami

South Beach is known for its nightlife. Prominently featured on TV networks like E!, you regularly see celebrities going out for a night on the town at some of the hottest nightclubs in the world.

If you’d like a taste of this, but don’t really want to stay up until 4 in the morning waiting in line outside of a packed club, we can recommend one specific nightclub that has captured the imagination of many visitors to South Beach, the Basement at the Edition.

What nightclub can you name that has a bowling alley? How about a full-size, year-round ice skating rink? The Basement has both. Going there is simply an experience, and the food there is pretty darn great, too!

#2 – The Art Deco Walking Tour

If you grew up in the 1980s, you are sure to remember the iconic TV show, Miami Vice. This beloved show was actually filmed in Miami, specifically in South Beach. The brightly colored buildings and restaurants of South Beach in the 80s helped create the visual style the show was known for. And, believe it or not, all of those buildings are still there, in the same pastel colors you remember!

To properly take in these stunning buildings, the Miami Design Preservation League offers a 90-minute walking tour. If you’d like to explore more of the city, and see a piece of television history, we highly recommend going on it!

#1 – The Beach!

The hottest tourist spot in all of South Beach is, believe it or not, the beach!

Of course, there are numerous beaches, all up the coast of Miami Beach. Depending on your mood, you can find a beach for every need. If you are taking your children with you, we suggest that you head to the southern tip of Miami Beach to South Pointe Beach. Here you will find a quieter beach, with a mini-waterpark for the kids.

One of the nicest beaches in South Beach is right outside your door at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel, Miami Beach Central. It’s much more relaxed than other, more party-oriented parts of the beach. If you just want to catch some sun or have a dip in the beautiful blue waters, then head back to the hotel, because Miami Beach Central is perfect.

If you want a break from the tourist scene and hotspots, head up north a little way to the Surfside Beach. This area isn’t as well-developed with hotels, so you can find a bit more seclusion from the downtown beach area.

In short, there is a beach for everyone in South Beach!

All of these tourist hotspots are known the world over and, very soon, you will be able to say that you visited them! Be sure your smartphone is ready to capture all of the photos you can take! Of course, tourist hotspots are just one reason you should attend the 2018 ISAPS Congress. With a little over 100 days until the Congress begins, you should book your spot as soon as possible. And don’t forget to book a room at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel – you don’t want to be stuck in a hotel far away from your fellow ISAPS Plastic Surgeons and the action of the Congress!