South Miami Beach Hotspots

It doesn’t get much hotter than South Beach, Miami, and we aren’t just talking about the weather!

south miami beach hotspots

The buzz that has been building up about the 2018 ISAPS Congress is almost deafening! ISAPS Plastic Surgeons from around the world are incredibly excited to visit one of the most interesting and beautiful cities ever to host the Congress. Since you may only have a few days in Miami (unless you decide to stay after the Congress is over), you’ll definitely want to make sure you hit all of the Miami Beach hotspots that you can! Here are some suggestions to make your trip to Miami Beach complete.


Miami Beach is legendary for its diverse nightlife, and some of the hottest spots in town are the clubs. Regularly filled with celebrities, you’re sure to have a great night out by hitting these hotspots!

One of the most popular dance clubs in Miami Beach is LIV, at the beautiful Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel. Recently renovated, you can party and dance the night away listening to world-renowned DJs and musicians.

Or if you’re looking for something a little more eclectic than energetic, you may want to check out the Basement at the Edition. This is something entirely different than what most people expect of a nightclub. For example, when was the last time you heard of a club with a real skating rink? Or a bowling alley? Even if you aren’t planning on spending the night partying, the Basement is certainly worth a stop on your journey around Miami Beach.

And to round out an authentic Miami Beach experience, you won’t want to miss these iconic hotspots: the cool celebrity ambience of the Bleau Bar at the Fontainebleau Hotel, the retro chic of the Regent Cocktail Club, the magnificent sunsets from the patio of the 19th Hole Bar & Grill at the historic Biltmore Hotel, or the swank speakeasy vibe of the Foxhole (where you can also order incredible Korean BBQ from the nearby Drunken Dragon).


Speaking of food, Miami Beach is a fantastic destination for foodies of all stripes, featuring world-class cuisine everywhere you look. But what if you’re looking for something a little more relaxed? Not formal dining, but just somewhere you can casually sample some of the best food Miami has to offer?

In Miami Beach, you will find some of los mejores Cuban sandwiches available outside of, well, Cuba! Consistently ranked at the top of the lists are: Puerto Sagua, Las Olas Café and Havana 1957. And if you have a craving for tacos, Taquiza will really hit the spot with unique and authentic flavors straight from Mexico.

For unique signature sandwiches and salads, not to mention a fantastic juice bar, you definitely want to visit La Sandwicherie. In the mood for comfort food? Try the Yardbird Southern Table & Bar for some farm-fresh Southern hospitality.

If a great casual Mediterranean experience is what you’re looking for, stop by the Rice House of Kabob and try their secret-recipe tomato soup, or Byblos Miami for a family-style meal! And if you’re out on a stroll, the Spitfire Grill is renowned for its chef-driven locally sourced Mediterranean street food.

The Beach

It could be argued that the hottest spots in Miami Beach are the beaches themselves. One of the nicest things about staying at the Lowes Miami Beach Hotel, our host hotel, is that you have beach access just steps away from your door. You can head out and enjoy the beautiful weather and gorgeous ocean anytime you want!

But one of the best ways to experience the beaches of Miami Beach is to walk the boardwalk. Spanning the entirety of Miami Beach from north to south, you can go for a lovely stroll all the way down to the southern tip. Joggers would have a difficult time finding a more scenic place to go for a run anywhere else in the world!

Featuring something for everyone, from family-friendly relaxation to au naturel sunbathing, the beaches of Miami Beach are certainly hotspots worth hitting.

Beach parties are very popular in Miami Beach, so guess what? On Friday, November 2nd, we’re holding our own beach party at a secret location (hint: it will be on a beach!) The party is for all attendees of the 2018 ISAPS Congress, and will run from 7pm to 12am. It’s $150 to pre-purchase a ticket and $200 on-site, so book early to save yourself a little money! 


Although there are fantastic shopping opportunities all over Miami Beach, the hottest spot is the Lincoln Road Mall. This mile-long, outdoor, pedestrian-only mall is filled with well-known retailers and smaller, boutique shops alike. Shopping along the Lincoln Road Mall is an experience that you won’t want to miss when you are in Miami.

Of course, for all of the ISAPS Plastic Surgeons attending the Congress, the main hotspot is going to be the newly renovated Miami Beach Convention Center that will be hosting all of our events! October is coming up fast, so make sure you book your spot at the Congress as soon as possible. If you purchase before the end of May, you get our Early Bird rate! So reserve a room at the Lowes Miami Beach Hotel and book your flight to Miami, because THE premiere global aesthetic meeting in the world will be here before you know it!