10 Exciting Things for Your Family to Do in South Beach Miami While You’re at the Congress

If you’ve ever been to an ISAPS Congress, one of the premiere global aesthetic meetings in the world, you know exactly what an incredible learning and networking experience it can be. Not only will you get the chance to interact with other ISAPS plastic surgeons while attending some fantastic programs for aesthetic education, you also get to visit the conference’s beautiful host city.

We aren’t saying that it’s a vacation but… why not take the family, too? While you are at the Congress, they could be out exploring the sights and sounds of lovely South Beach, Florida. And after the Congress is over for the day, you can join them.

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery wants everyone to get excited for the 2018 ISAPS Congress, so we want to highlight some of the hot spots around South Beach. These are the attractions that bring people from the world over, and now your family (and maybe even extended family, like your medical staff), has the opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Here are some exciting things for your family to do in South Beach while you’re at the Congress:

1) The Beach

Well, this one is a bit of a no-brainer.

South Beach has some of the loveliest beaches in the world. We are expecting temperatures of around 70−80 °F (21−26 °C) during the Congress, so not too hot and not too cold. Perfect beach weather!

While you are learning about new plastic surgery techniques and meeting your peers, your family could be out relaxing on the over two miles of beach, playing in the surf and soaking up the sun. We might even recommend adding an extra day to your stay so you can also take advantage of the beach together.

There is even more to the beaches of South Beach than just the sand and surf. The beaches here are perfect for long walks, runs, bike rides (bike rentals are plentiful in the city), and even workouts. Frankly, your family could spend the entire Congress on the beach and the trip would be well worth it!

2) Art Deco Walking Tour

South Beach, Miami was the setting of the classic 80s television hit, Miami Vice. To this day, people still associate the unique Art Deco architecture and bright pastel-colored buildings featured in the show with South Beach. And guess what? 30 years later, the buildings and colors are still there!

The Miami Design Preservation League has maintained the style and colors of the Art Deco buildings, and offers 90-minute walking tours around South Beach. It’s a fantastic way for your family to see the city and also see some memorable landmarks from a television classic!

3) Food

We are going to be exploring the food of South Beach in another blog post, but we can’t not mention it here.

There is genuinely incredible cuisine in South Beach, with culinary influences from all over the world. If you like fresh seafood, you can be sure that you and your family will get your fill over the course of the Congress!

4) Shopping

There are some spectacular shopping opportunities in South Beach, as well, but you just have to know where to look.

The Lincoln Road Mall is an outdoor market that sells everything from food to bathing suits. It’s pedestrian only, so you can safely walk down this street, browsing the shops to your heart’s content. This is also a fantastic place to spot celebrities and people-watch!

5) Explore Loews Miami Beach Hotel

If your family feels like taking a day off exploring South Beach, they can be sure that there will be lots of exciting ways to spend their time at the Lowes Miami Beach Hotel, where the conference is being held.

Not only do they have an oceanfront swimming pool and jacuzzi, along with direct beach access, they also have a spa and fitness center. The spa offers massages and facials, while the fitness center offers Fusion and yoga classes. The hotel offers a multilingual concierge service, for those who don’t speak English as a first language.

You could also check out some of the great restaurants and bars in the hotel, something that we’ll be exploring in more detail in another post.

6) Take in Some Art

South Beach, Miami is one of the art capitals of North America, and we aren’t just talking about the Art Deco buildings. There are tons of art museums just waiting to be explored.

The world-famous Bass Museum of Art is a work of art itself. The Art Deco architecture hints at some of the incredible paintings and sculptures found inside. It’s recently gone through a $12 million renovation project and just reopened a few months ago. It’s a must-see attraction in South Beach.

7) Take in Some Music

South Beach is a melting pot of different musicals cultures and here you can find some of the best live music in the country.

From live jazz to the New World Symphony, you should take a look at the events that are going on during the ISAPS Congress. You’ll find live music nightly in many of the restaurants around town, as well as street musicians who put many “professional” performances to shame.

8) Take in Some Theatre

We aren’t just talking about the movie theatre (although there are many of those in South Beach, as well), we’re talking about live theatre!

The Art Deco-styled Colony Theatre is located in the heart of South Beach and hosts an array of live events throughout the year, from theatre to lectures to comedy. As the Congress gets a bit closer, keep an eye out for scheduled events and plan a night out at the Colony Theatre!

9) The Nightlife

Obviously, if you have a family with kids, this probably isn’t going to be a viable option. But if your family is just getting started, or you are accompanied by your young medical staff, then the South Beach nightlife might just be the way to spend the nights after the day is over!

South Beach has some of the best clubs and bars in the world. These often host special events, from movie tie-ins to theme nights. As you have to be back at Congress early in the morning, we wouldn’t recommend you stay out too late. But for those who are accompanying you, the nightlife in South Beach is something to be remembered!

10) Explore by Water

A South Beach, Miami boat tour is an exciting way to see the city, explore filming locations for popular television shows and movies, and witness spectacular wildlife like dolphins jumping out of the water!

For those who love to take photos, these boat tours can offer unparalleled opportunities. And just think, after a long day at the Congress, your family can show you all of their adventures on the water that day!

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Taking your family with you to the 2018 ISAPS Congress might not be the first thing to pop into your head, but you should reconsider. South Beach is one of the most picturesque places in the United States and is full of exciting attractions that could make this a remarkable vacation/working trip.

We might even recommend staying a few days after the Congress is over, just to take in some of the sights. It is going to be a Congress to remember! Are you coming?