South Beach Miami-Wood!

When plastic surgeons from all corners of the Earth come to an ISAPS Congress, they aren’t looking to find the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. But this year at the 2018 ISAPS Congress in South Beach, Miami, that is exactly what they are going to get!

South Beach is known for its stunning beaches and unique architecture, so it’s no surprise that it’s a favorite of both celebrities and movie studios. Countless films and television shows have been made in South Beach, many of them blockbuster hits that we are sure that you’ve seen.

We bet you’ve heard of Miami Vice. This was a popular television show in the 1980s about two undercover cops fighting against the drug trade, set against the backdrop of South Beach, Miami. The show has been ranked one of the greatest television series of all time, and elevated the art deco architecture of South Beach to internationally recognized levels. Even today, the buildings of South Beach maintain that same brightly colored, art deco style, and you can go on walking tours daily to see all of the hot spots from the show.

Moving forward into the 90s, one of the biggest stars in the world had his breakthrough performance in a movie taking place in Miami. It’s Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective! This absolutely hilarious movie highlighted not only Carrey’s unique comedic talents, but also some of the culture of Miami, including the American football team the Miami Dolphins.

Just recently, South Beach got a huge dose of Hollywood with the world premiere of the new Baywatch movie staring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zac Efron. A comedic update of the classic 1990s television show, the new Baywatch was partially filmed in South Florida, including on the beaches of Miami Beach. Stars galore were everywhere in South Beach for the premiere, enjoying the world-class food and the incredible weather and beaches.

If celebrity spotting is your thing, you might have the time of your life in South Beach! South Beach is a favorite spot of the Kardashian sisters, with the reality show Kourtney and Kim Take Miami occasionally being filmed there. So, who knows? You might get a chance to see some reality TV being put to film.

South Beach is also known to be a favorite of actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, who makes her home in Miami.

There are a few spots in South Beach where celebrities are known to go. The restaurant Nobu, co-founded by Robert De Niro, is a very popular pick with celebrities. Another celebrity connection, Nobu was the very first restaurant where Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto worked as an executive chef.

A little further south down South Beach is the Prime 112 steakhouse, which attracts celebrities with its flashy décor and delicious food. If you stop in, you will walk away with a meal to remember, and maybe spot a celebrity or two as well!

As you can see, you might get more than just a little taste of Hollywood at this year’s ISAPS Congress. South Beach, Miami is an absolutely incredible spot and we are delighted that we will get to spend a few days there among the celebrities and beaches. We hope that you will too! You can visit the 2018 ISAPS Congress website right now to register and reserve your spot, as well as book your room at our host hotel, the Loews Miami Beach Hotel. Remember, the ISAPS Congress is the premier global aesthetic meeting in the world. There’s nowhere else where you will have this opportunity to meet new friends, make new contacts, and learn from some of today’s greatest ISAPS plastic surgeons (And maybe see a few celebrities, too!) We can’t wait to see you there!